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About Our Mission

At Neuropsychology Rehabilitation Services - LifeSpan, our doctors and staff are committed to providing comprehensive quality care for pediatric to geriatric patients. Our practice employs neuropsychological scientific methods through appropriate diagnostic tests, thereby creating the gateway to effective treatment.

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About NRS/LS

Neuropsychology Rehabilitation Services - LifeSpan (NRS/LS) is a multidisciplinary practice started by Dr. Sica in 1978. It comprises treating two populations, medical (NRS) and behavioral health (LS).

Patients seen at NRS consist of, but are not limited to: traumatic brain injuries, concussions, cerebral vascular accidents, neoplasm (brain tumors), the variety of dementias, learning disabilities, ADHD and the emotional response and adjustment that accompanies these conditions. Age range is from infants to geriatrics.

Patients seen at LifeSpan (LS) consist of, but are not limited to: depression, both reactive and biological, anxiety, adjustment disorders, phobias, panic disorder, adjustment disorders to various conditions and situations, bereavement, marital, and the full range of pediatric conditions. Age range is from infants to adulthood.

Our Services

Diagnostic provided to the various populations consist of: neuropsychological examinations, psychological examinations, psychological-pain examinations, pre-surgical psychological examinations, forensic/legal examinations (IMEs, expert witness for plaintiff and defense), and the full spectrum of child examinations. Age range from infants to geriatrics. Learn more about our services.

Our Team

Our team consists of: neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists, health psychologists, licensed professional counselors, social workers, psychological interns and residents. We are affiliated with Meridian NeuroScience, Jersey Shore University Medical Center, Shore Rehabilitation Institute, Monmouth University and Chestnut Hill College. Learn more about our team.