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About the Consultation

At NRS/LifeSpan, the Neuropsychological Consultation is a critical first step in our approach. The consultation provides an opportunity for the patient to report his/her symptoms and aids the clinician in developing a treatment plan to suit the patient's specific needs.

A Neuropsychological Consultation

During the neuropsychological consultation, the examiner will:

  • Gather essential data that will be used to guide the examination process and assist in formulating the differential diagnosis
  • Gather critical behavioral observations that are often demonstrated only in less structured settings
  • Collect and assess patient history
  • Assess the caregiver's perspective of the patient’s cognitive status, additional stressors, and available resources that can be used to guide the treatment recommendations
  • Assess current psychological, emotional and behavioral complaints through question and answer. In addition, collateral information is obtained (from spouse, parent, etc.) regarding the patient's current psychological complaints and overall level of functioning
  • Conclude with a clear treatment plan recommendation